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Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching Begins Monday, January 18, 2021
Deadline to Reserve Your Seat: Monday, January 18th, 2021 at 12pm Pacific Time
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Announcing The Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching Program
Coaching Dates: January 18 through February 18, 2021

What is the Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching Program?

Your Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching Master Class is a live, interactive coaching experience which teaches you options selling strategies and tactics, portfolio and trade management approaches and the "mental" game so you can get up to $40,000 in annual income for every $100,000 in your portfolio.

We'll meet 2 times each week: 1 coaching session and 1 live trading session each week during Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching Program.

Plus, we'll kick-off the coaching program with my unique 3-night live Boot Camp training, which provides you the foundation for portfolio and management, stock selection, risk management and maximizing your income goals.

Then, during the 4-week live and interactive coaching program you'll learn how to overcome the real-world income problems you face today and into the future:

1. "Cash" is "trash."

2. No low-risk, safe choices for investing your money.

3. Lack of training or education to know how to combat low-return or zero-return markets.

4. Sitting on the sidelines worried about another market crash.

Here's an example of what you'll the short training videos below (each one is a component of the Six-Figure Portfolio Training curriculum).

One of these videos alone is worth over $11,130 to you

How to Not Lose Money, Even If A Trade Goes Wrong

The "ONE NUMBER" for Investors: Return on Capital

Case Study: Options Tactics Worth $11,130 To You

If You Want To Master The Tactics Above,
Then You Need an Income Coach...
Tactics, Confidence and Leadership - you need to know how to use the right tactics to produce income consistently, and you need the confidence to "pull the trigger."

And the only way to get that confidence is to learn the right tactics with a leader who has proven himself capable of helping you.

Which is why I don't say the following lightly:

This is the ONLY coaching program that actually pays for itself AND provides a significant return on investment during the program!

In 2020, my July Six Figure Portfolio Coaching Program students collected $1,401 in Cash Income per contract by using all of the tools, tactics and strategies proven to increase income for large (and smaller) portfolio investors. That alone represents a significant return on investment.

The goal of the Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching Program is to give you the knowledge, the tools and the tactics to produce higher than average income from your portfolio.

You get "Core Essentials" to unique, proprietary tactics and strategies that you can put to work immediately.

You'll come away with the confidence to leverage your portfolio with safe, smart and simple options selling strategies that can double, triple, even quadruple your current income flow.

IF you want to turn the promise of generating $40,000 in cash income for every $100,00 in your portfolio into a reality, the Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching Program is the ONLY training program that can make that happen.

Since I initially launched this class in 2014, every single class has paid for itself. During this Interactive, Income Producing Coaching Program, you’ll learn how to unlock even more income from your six-figure portfolio…

You’ll learn how to use my unique tactics to increase your income from your portfolio to 25%, 30% or even more.

And I’ll teach you in just four weeks.

No long-term commitments, no annual $5,000 or $10,000 program…

This is the hidden power to selling options - when you learn to leverage your capital AND your stocks as cash-producing assets you can - and will - substantially increase the money you can earn for yourself.

Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching is delivered through Live and Interactive webinars and includes my "Boot Camp" training program.

Just like a building a house, Boot Camp lays the foundation for everything you'll learn with me, including how to:

  • "Reboot" your portfolio so increase your cash income RIGHT NOW.
  • Assess your true risk tolerance so you trade to your strengths.
  • Portfolio Allocation: The number one question I get - how much of my portfolio should I use to generate income.
  • Capital Allocation (Trade): The number two question I get - how much capital should I use on a particular trade.
  • Challenge you to "think new" when trading for income.
  • Master the "mental" side of trading options and income generation.
  • And much more

Boot Camp is WAITING FOR YOU RIGHT NOW! I've already recorded Boot Camp, so you can dive in and begin learning tonight, even though we'll hold a live three-night session of Boot Camp in January.

Which means, you can get a huge head start with the videos, assessments and training modules NOW; and have all of your questions ready for me when we begin the Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching's first Boot Camp session on January 18th!

Boot Camp runs Monday-Wednesday, January 18-20 at 4pm Eastern each night.

Then, the next week, beginning Monday, January 25th, we take what you've learned in Boot Camp, and begin applying strategies and tactics in our 4 live Coaching Sessions (each Monday through February 15th).

...and follow that up on Tuesday, January 26th with a live Trading Session so you can put what you learn into action immediately. (each Tuesday through February 16th)

PLUS - I'll hold two bonus sessions on Wednesday and Thursday, February 17th and 18th to really help you accelerate your income potential in 2021 and beyond!

In the live coaching sessions, you'll work live with me to:

  • Learn new tactics to sell Puts and Calls
  • Apply the right tactics to the right stocks
  • Find NEW stocks to use in your portfolio, regularly
  • Use Puts and Calls together on the same stock
  • Manage trades to avoid losses
  • Hedge your portfolio
  • NEW: How to trade during volatile markets

You'll also learn how to find stocks that you can use year-round for income using my "Perfect Income Stock" process.

I'll teach you how to quickly assess whether a stock is worth your time for income-generation - many stocks are NOT! - but you need to know how to find the right stocks to use the tactics you'll learn.

And you'll put all of those tactics together during our live trading sessions!

Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching Begins
Monday, January 18, 2021

In Just 4 Weeks, You Can Transform Your Portfolio Into an Income-Generating Machine that Churns Out $40,000 or More In Annual Income!
Reserve Your Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching Seat Today!
Reserve Your Coaching Seat Here!
Your Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching Curriculum:
Your Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching Schedule:

Boot Camp: Recorded and Waiting for You Now!
Live Boot Camp:  January 18 - 20 at 4pm EST

Live Coaching Dates: All Sessions 4pm EST
  • Monday, January 25
  • Monday, February 1
  • Monday, February 8
  • Monday, February 15
  • BONUS: Wednesday, February 17

Live Trading Dates: All Sessions Noon EST
  • Tuesday, January 26
  • Tuesday, February 2
  • Tuesday, February 9
  • Tuesday, February 16
  • BONUS: Thursday, February 18

Listen to Rick's Story:

Failed at buying options

Suffered huge losses
in TWO market crashes...

...and then...

Learning: Rick earns $12,500 in cash income his first year selling options

Experience: Rick earns $25,000 in cash income his second year and expands his knowledge and trading tactics. He takes the Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching Program this year and joins Income Masters.

Confidence and Mastery: Rick earns $50,000 in cash income his third year by achieving the "Mindset Makeover" and using what he's learned on his own.

Did You Notice: He's DOUBLING his income every single year...

And then, the transformation into an ELITE Trader is completed the very NEXT year when...
 He DOUBLED his income again to over $130,000 in cash income in JUST ONE YEAR.
"...I'm on track to beat my record of doubling my account
each year for my first 3 years..."

Now, Rick's results are his own. But he was able to get those results by learning and applying new tactics across the entirety of his portfolio and gaining the confidence to trust himself to trade smarter.

There is nothing that prevents you from learning and applying the same tactics and gaining the same confidence to get better trading results and potentially higher income for yourself.

But you do need to take the first step and the logical first step is the Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching Program.
Deadline to Get Your Seat:
Monday, January 18th, 2021 at 12pm Pacific Time
Reserve Your Coaching Seat Here!
How the July 2020 Coaching Class Collected $4,203 in Cash Income
DURING the Coaching Program

Not only am I teaching you the tactics you need to learn to increase your income, I'm also TRADING with you!

Your Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching Program includes 4 Live Trading Sessions which are critical to helping you put into action what you learn immediately and...

Get Immediate Results...

Just look at the results from my last coaching class July 2020 (3 contracts per trade):

The July 2020 class earned $4,203...

When I say this program will pay for itself, I'm not kidding - every class since I began the coaching program in April 2014 has provided a substantial income return in just 5 weeks.

Every trade above was opened and closed in June-July, 2020. You can see multiple tactics at work, but the most important numbers are these:

12 trades, 12 winners

Over $4,203 in cash income in my last class, putting INTO ACTION exactly what you learn as a Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching Student.

Even at just one contract per trade, you would have collected $1,401 in cash I don't have to "stretch" the results to impress you.

But the most important point in the coaching is to teach you how to leverage your cash and stock assets so you aren't limited to just "one" contract. That's the big secret to how to generate 30-40% annual income.

It's also why most people never get that level of annual return.

So if you have any interest in getting more income from your portfolio, building the confidence to use smart tactics that work in any market, and getting the help you need from a proven coach, then please reserve your seat for the upcoming Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching Program today!
Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching Begins Monday, January 18, 2021
Reserve Your Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching Seat Today!
Reserve Your Coaching Seat Here!
What some of my former students wrote me to say about the
Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching Program


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